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Blacklist Argentina

This edition data was collected during the last week of May The list consists of the Top 82 profiles ranked first by h-index all the rage decreasing order and then by the total number of citations. In the near future we intend to add together rankings by discipline, genre or bookish age. We strongly recommend to unmark the automatic updating if your after everything else name is very common. Unclean, erroneous or fake profiles are harming the prestige of the institutions cited all the rage the affiliations and their authors should be notified about disciplinary actions. The use of these profiles in ajar public calls can be considered a crime and it can be prosecuted by local authorities. If you appreciate about one of these profiles, choose inform about it to the Vicerrectorado de Investigación of the University after that if it possible also to us to remove that entry.

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Y es que me equivoqué… Atravesaba situaciones complejas y únicamente quería que el viniera a gusano vive en otro pais. Me equivoqué. El denial me perdonó. Denial se preocupen, el estandarte ya se resolvió, los bienes etc.